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Black jellyfish

Sunday, 28 February 2016
Pela Mampang, Jakarta

I saw black jellyfish in Bacolod, Philippines. I’ve been on a trip the last month or so on Java and Philippines with Superman, CME, and JL. Superman arrived first. A few days in Jakarta first, then on to Puncak on 26 January, Taman Safari, and Bunga Nusantara. From there, we traveled by bus to Bandung, […]

Happy New Year 2016

Friday, 1 January 2016
Pela Mampang, Jakarta

Pictures taken at midnight from second floor, looking south.

Intruder taken alive

Friday, 11 December 2015
Pela Mampang, Jakarta

Finally we got this annoying little intruder, which has visited our kitchen at several occasions. It was taken alive by a glue trap. Rat in glue trap. The trap.

Pulau Seribu

Saturday, 28 November 2015
Pela Mampang, Jakarta

A few days ago (22-24 November) Uno and I made a trip to Pulau Macan, which is one of the islands in Pulau Seribu. We took a speedboat from Marina Ancol, and arrived in only 90 minutes. Pulau Macan is a tiny island that takes only 5 minutes to walk around. Snorkelling, swimming, and drinking […]

Weekend trip to Yogya

Sunday, 25 October 2015
Pela Mampang, Jakarta

Another one of my many Yogyakarta trips, this time together with 3 French souls, from 16 to 19 October. Since it was their first trip to this city, the usual attractions were visited. We stayed at a house at jl Agus Salim 36 (lots of traffic noise). Yogya downtown. Big Banyan tree. The Merapi volcano. […]