SE Asia: Sixth trip

Wednesday, 20 January 1999
Trondheim, Norway

My sixth trip to SE Asia was at the same time my third trip to Indonesia. I had a return ticket with Gulf Air to Jakarta via Abu Dhabi. Trip duration: 28 December 1998 to 18 January 1999.

I didn’t spend any nights in Jakarta though. Instead, I used Bandung as my base (train to/from Jakarta). From Bandung, I went to Yogyakarta by train, together with Anita. Afterwards I took a bus to Bali, while Anita returned to Bandung. Then plane/train back to Bandung (via Jakarta). Minibus back and forth to Pangandaran (without Anita). And finally train back to Jakarta on 18 January. Departure same day.


Anita in tea field outside Bandung.


Pangandaran nature reserve.


Borobudur temple, west of Yogyakarta.

Dog meat

Eating dog meat (!) in Bandung.


Jakarta traffic.

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