SE Asia: Twelfth trip

Tuesday, 27 September 2005
Oslo, Norway

I and Caecil flew on Cathay Pacific to Jakarta, with a stopover in Hong Kong, where we stayed in the apartment of a colleague of mine. I had a return ticket, while Caecil had a one-way ticket.

Trip duration Hong Kong: 4 to 7 September 2005.
Trip duration Indonesia: 7 to 25 September 2005.

We had actually planned to leave Hong Kong one day earlier, but the airline refused me entry since my passport was full (one blank page is needed for the Indonesian visa), so Caecil had to leave without me. I was stranded. However, after some arguing I came to an agreement with the airline staff to let me fly to Singapore instead, so that I could get a new passport at my embassy there (there’s no embassy in HK), before continuing to Jakarta. That would be on the next day however, so I had to spend another night in Hong Kong (at the same apartment). I also had to pay a rebooking fee (not expensive). However, when I landed in Singapore the next day, instead of bothering with the embassy, I simply took a ferry to Batam, bribing immigration (in Batam) with SGD 20 over my full passport (they just attached the visa to an used page). Easy.

I stayed one night at Hotel Hallo Batam in Nagoya, and took a flight to Jakarta the next day. After 8 days in Cibubur (Jakarta), we went on a day trip to Pelabuhan Ratu, and then to Bandung, where we spent the night, before returning to Jakarta the next evening. A few days later we flew to Solo to attend a funeral. And then back to Jakarta again by train (if I remember correctly).

Some pictures below.

Hong Kong


Sign about flash floods.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline.


Beach in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline.


Settlement along river

Settlement along small river.

Martabak manis

Martabak manis.

Sign at lake

Sign at lake, Cibubur: “Forbidden to catch or shoot birds.”


Konro, Kelapa Gading.

Sunda Kelapa port, Jakarta

Truck paint

Painting on back of truck.

Sunda Kelapa

Sunda Kelapa is full of these wooden sailing ships.

Men at work

Men at work.

Open ocean

Looking at the open ocean.

Sleeping men

Sleeping men.

Sunda Kelapa

Another boat.

Pelabuhan Ratu


A beach.

Seafood restaurant

Seafood restaurant on beach.

Pelabuhan Ratu

The port area.


A worker.


Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate.



Taman Hutan Raya

Taman Hutan Raya.

WWII Japanese caves

WWII Japanese caves.





Unpleasant graffiti.









Solo countryside

Solo countryside.

Old man

Old man at grave yard.

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