Another business trip to Philippines and Taiwan

Saturday, 13 September 2008
Balikpapan, Indonesia

On 30 August I went on a, now rather, usual business trip to Manila (Philippines), and Chung-Li and Hsinchu (Taiwan).

30 Aug: Flew from Balikpapan to Jakarta on Lion Air, stayed in Margot Hotel in Jl Jaksa (that hotel now costs Rp 220,000 per night).
31 Aug: Flew from Jakarta to Manila via Singapore on Singapore Airlines. Checked into Makati Shangri-La (I’m happy I don’t have to pay that hotel bill myself!)
1-2 Sep: Factory visit at Amkor Philippines, Laguna Technopark, south of Manila.
3 Sep: Flew from Manila to Taipei, Taiwan, on EVA Airways. Checked into Hotel Kuva Chateau in Chung-Li, half an hour drive from the airport, south of Taipei.
4 Sep: Factory visit at ASECL, Chung-Li.
5 Sep: Factory visit at TSMC, Hsinchu, one hour drive south of Chung-Li.
6 Sep: Flew from Taipei to Singapore on EVA Airways. Catched a ferry to Batam. Checked into Hotel Hallo Batam.
7 Sep: Flew from Batam to Jakarta on Lion Air.
9 Sep: Flew from Jakarta to Balikpapan on Lion Air. Flat tire on the way to the airport.

I think I got all the dates correct.

Outside the airport in Manila.

Hotel Hallo Batam.

“Golden Taxi”: Flat tire on the way to the airport in Jakarta.

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