Another visa run

Monday, 13 October 2008
Balikpapan, Indonesia

Last weekend I made another Visa Run to Singapore.
Here are the details:

4 Oct, 1000 hours: Air Asia flight from Balikpapan to Jakarta, Rp 758,400. Checked in at Penginapan Asri for one night, Rp 80,000.

5 Oct, 1115 hours: Lion Air flight from Jakarta to Singapore, Rp 499,000. Took the MRT from Changi Airport Singapore to Harbour Bay ferry terminal (costs 2 Singapore Dollar). Took the ferry WaveMaster to Batam island, around 45 minutes. Price: S$ 42 one-way. Paid Visa On Arrival valid for 30 days, US$25. Checked in at Hotel Hallo Batam for 2 nights. Rp 135,000 per night.

7 Oct, 1220 hours: Lion Air flight from Batam to Balikpapan, with a transit in Jakarta. Rp 1,818,000. Arrived Balikpapan around 1900.

Airport passenger service charge is in addition to the above, and this is in total Rp 160,000.

Total cost of Visa Run: Rp 3,585,400 + S$ 44 + US$25, which is the equivalent of USD 417 at today’s exchange rates.

View from my room at Penginapan Asri, Jakarta.

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  1. Uno comments:

    Jeg trodde du skulle til Singapore for å få visum i tilsutning til at jeg kommer til Jakarta i neste uke. Men regner fortsatt med at du er på flyplassen når jeg ankommer fra Frankfurt.

  2. arun comments:

    do you know the number phone of penginapan asri hostel?

  3. Rune comments:


    The phone number is (021) 3147684.

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