Reog Ponorogo

Saturday, 27 December 2008
Madiun, Indonesia

This Saturday began with a so-called Arisan event, which is a family gathering.

Later in the evening, when Arisan was over, a few of us drove the short trip to Ponorogo, where a week-long festival to mark the Javanese New Year was held. There was a big market and an amusement park, but more interesting was the Reog Ponorogo show. Entrance ticket was only Rp 3000 (30 cents US).

Reog Ponorogo
Reog Ponorogo

Video clip. The music was quite loud, so unfortunately the sound recording became distorted.

Sold at the market
Sold at the market. These are used for saving money (there is a slot at the top to put money.)

Steam engine
Steam engine used to power a carousel.

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