TE 2009 – Day 17 (Aug 28)

Friday, 18 September 2009
Jakarta, Indonesia

After saying goodbye to Siri, Atle, Theodor, and Ellen, the Gang of Four left Bogen around noon (again in Uno’s borrowed car), in rain. We had planned to stay the last night in Norway at Ellen’s residence in Oslo. The original plan was to leave for Paris the day before, but we decided to extend our stay in Norway for two days and skip Paris altogether (except for a few hours).

The trip back to Oslo took around 1.5 hours. Ellen followed a couple of hours later.

In the late afternoon, the Gang split. The 3 female members of the Gang decided to take the subway to Oslo downtown to meet two friends. Or so I thought. Whatever the reason; a comment made by Saras, around the moment when Astrid’s Norwegian friend(?) turned up, was later brought to my attention:

Lastri, you are so fucking dead ya!!
– Saras

I, on the other hand, went to prepare the car (wash it and fill up the tank) before handover to Uno, who was in town. He would be driving the car back to Trondheim.

After handing over the car to Uno, I was picked up by – let’s just call him CME – and went to his residence just northeast of Oslo, in a gloomy area called Solberg. I stayed for a couple of hours having some beers, before being transported back to Ellen’s residence, meeting the 3 female members of the Gang, who had just arrived with the subway. Again, the Gang was united.

Day 17 was over.

GPS track log.

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  1. dana comments:

    The two friends the female gang had the honour of meeting were Dana and Christian :) …who were delighted of the company! Traditional strawberry daquiri at Uncle Donalds and lot of memories were shared…:)

    Looking forward to meeting you guys soooooonnnnn!

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