TE 2009 – Day 4 (Aug 15)

Monday, 7 September 2009
Jakarta, Indonesia

After a mediocre breakfast at the hostel, the reduced Gang of Three took an half hour €0.70 bus trip to Devin castle outside the city. Unfortunately, the castle was closed, so we just walked around it, outside the gates, instead. I also enjoyed a €1 beer at one of the many cheerful restaurants.

A bit disappointed that we could not enter the castle, we returned to town, and walked the streets of Bratislava downtown until we become very tired and returned to the hostel around 20:00. I had the pleasure to enjoy gelato ice cream once again.

Well arrived at the hostel, it didn’t took long until the tired Gang fell asleep.



Local girls, Bratislava

Local girls, Bratislava.

GPS track log.

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