TE 2009 – Day 6 (Aug 17)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009
Jakarta, Indonesia

A day with very long walks around Budapest, including a trip to the other side of Danube river, to Buda (we stayed in Pest). We crossed the Danube by subway. Thereafter we took the subway back across the Danube to Keleti railway station to pick up Caecil, who arrived 18:50 by train from Vienna. Caecil had made a trip to Graz and Innsbruck to attend a wedding. Again, the Gang of Four was complete, and returned to the hostel.

Alex, the Hungarian guy running the hostel, made a dish consisting of catfish for us, and then took us out for a walk to show us Budapest by night, including a stop at a bar, where we (except Saras!) tried the local brandy Palinka, a rather stong experience. Back 02:30 to the hostel. There was also a Finnish guy (Chris), also staying at the hostel, who joined us on all this.

Keleti train station

Keleti train station.



GPS track log.

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