Trincomalee and surroundings

Friday, 12 March 2010
Kandy, Sri Lanka

I spent 4 days here. My legs needed a rest after Adam’s Peak. On Monday I didn’t do much at all except for a short walk on Uppuveli beach, on Tuesday I went to downtown Trincomalee, and on Wednesday I went to Nilaveli beach and then to Trincomalee town (again). I was invited home to one of the guesthouse staff, in Trincomalee. After all, I was the only guest at Lily Motel, except for some UN people staying there one night.

I didn’t find the beaches very impressive. Grey sand, ruins of old buildings, and lots of trash. Trincomalee town itself was also not very exciting.

Cows are roaming the streets, also in the town itself.

There’s almost no other tourists/foreigners here. This is in contrast to all the other places I’ve been in Sri Lanka.

The most fancy and newest cars in town belong to the UN. I have seen many large, white, 4WD, UN cars driving around here.

The military seems to have a heavy presence here, with soldiers everywhere. They have also blocked parts of the beach at Nilaveli to be used as a navy camp. I was stopped when I walked along the beach and into the “no entry” zone.

There are roadblocks in to and out of Trincomalee. Everybody on the bus had to show ID cards, except me (they didn’t care about foreigners).


Drying fish, Trincomalee.


The beach at Nilaveli.


Soldier, Trincomalee.



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