New bicycle

Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Kopi Luwak, Epicentrum Walk, Jakarta

My old bicycle was recently stolen from the parking lot here, so yesterday I bought a new one at Rodalink bicycle shop in Kelapa Gading, a Dahon Cadenza XL, for Rp 10,000,000 (around USD 1100). It can be folded.

The first trip from the bicycle shop and home did not begin well. At Sunter Lake, I discovered that the bottom bracket was loose, to my big surprise and disappointment. So I flagged down a taxi, folded the bike, put it in the taxi, and went back to the bicycle shop. Nothing serious, they just tightened the bottom bracket. It was not tightened well enough at the factory. And off I went again, without problems this time, from Kelapa Gading to Kuningan.

My new bicycle.

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