Route 66

Saturday, 11 December 2010
Taman Rasuna, Jakarta

I have discovered that Route 66 is an extremely useful route, and even I can afford it. It costs two thousand rupiah for an unlimited distance, that is, to Blok M at the most.

Route 66 stops, and often waits, for me in front of Pasar Festival, just a stone’s throw from my headquarters.

Route 66 is best taken after 10:00 and before 16:00, when a seat is almost guaranteed.

Route 66 takes me to a number of useful places on its way to Terminal Blok M. For example: Satria Mandala Armed Forces Museum (well, I haven’t been there in 10 years), Club Store (for pepperoni pizza), FX Mall (for work), Ratu Plaza (for electronics), Plaza Senayan (for work), Blok M Pasaraya (for hanging out), Jl Pelatehan (for the bars).

Route 66.

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